6 Bed-related Mistakes

Not easy to fall asleep? Sticky, too hot, too cold? Not comfortable?

Here are possible reasons.

Buying low-quality Sheets:
>>> they have to be 100-percent cotton – cotton sheets let your skin breathe and will keep you cooler because they’re naturally moisture-wicking.

>>> it’s best to sleep in the temp. 18-22 C
>>> now, if you live in a hot country – don’t forget to open air-conditioner, otherwise you won’t sleep good, waking up all the time, sweating. There, 25-26 C would be perfect already. Put long pants and shirt / pyjamas with long sleeves on your baby (if sleeps with you), otherwise she/he may be sick the next day.

Making your Bed first thing in the Morning:
>>> if you’re tossing at night is fueled by an allergic reaction to dust mites, then the best time to make your bed is not right after you wake up. Dust mites need two things to survive: your skin flakes to munch on and a moist atmosphere for hydration. Making the bed first thing promotes the latter because it seals in the sweat you left on the bedding. Alternatively, if you leave your bed unmade for an hour or two, air and light will dry up the moisture, which sucks the life out of dust mites.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Wasting time Ironing Sheets:
>>> if you hate wrinkled sheets, don’t let them get creased. If you hanging them wet to get dry, use long stick to hang on, all the lenght, no wrinkles possible.
>>> plus! Crinkled bedding is trendy.

Not washing the pillows:
>>> they trap dirt, oil, and bacteria, which can cause acne, they also trap allergens that trigger sneezing, asthma, and bloodshot eyes.
>>> wash pillowcases every week.
>>> wash pillows every two months.
>>> if you have decorative pillows that can’t be washed, ditch them.

Fighting about blanket with your partner:
>>> if you sleep with your partner (and / or babies), it’s best to have separate sheets / blankets. You won’t feel uncomfortable, too hot or too cold. Don’t fight. Night is for sleeping well, for huge rest after tired day.

Hope that helped, have a nice day (night)!

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