6 Bed-related Mistakes

Not easy to fall asleep? Sticky, too hot, too cold? Not comfortable? Here are possible reasons. Buying low-quality Sheets: >>> they have to be 100-percent cotton – cotton sheets let your skin breathe and will keep you cooler because they’re naturally moisture-wicking. Temperature:>>> it’s best to sleep in the temp. 18-22 C>>> now, if youContinue reading “6 Bed-related Mistakes”

Facts about house cleaning

Here are 5 main facts about your home. 1. Most of the dust inside the house is made of flakes of dead skin. 2. Most people use to clean their bathroom more often than other room. 3. You can burn up to 200 calories by cleaning your house for 2h. 4. 75% of the diseasesContinue reading “Facts about house cleaning”